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About Us

Welcome to MERACHAKWAL.PK – A New & Refreshed Look To Enhance Your Buying & Selling Experience. Mera Chakwal

The new version not only includes significant improvements to current  systems but new features as well. This is our biggest upgrade to date to the platform. We have improved every aspect of the Mera chakwal user experience, reaching a level of innovation that we are incredibly proud of.

Completely new and updated look and feel, including a new brand of Mera Chakwal

A new visual brand identity has been rolled out across all the platforms which exhibits our philosophy towards life. The circle or the “M” in the logo speaks the good choices that you make in your life & on MC from millions of items available every day. The sign “C” says about eliminating the unused items that we have in our life by selling it on Merachakwal. The straight line in the middle is the message to all audience that the way towards success is through an upgrade.

Lighter & Faster App

Extensive performance optimization to make your experience seamless. The App is now lighter than before. It will only occupy 60MB in your phone which is 40% less as compared to other apps in Playstore.

The is also now visibly faster than it’s predecessor. With optimized UI and UX, The app will flow like a fast pace thunder jet in your phone.

Industry Standard Chat!

Cross-channel chat capability with as much power as WhatsApp with voice note facility, Send your location with one tap, Auto-Suggested messages to save you time, Notifications to let you know when you have received a message are some of the key features of the new chat system that is introducing.

Machine Learning to Facilitate Buyers

Product search made easy, with our built-in recommendation feature. You will now be able to pick your favorite item based on your preference. Our intelligent app observes your search patterns to give the most relevant item feed in your new and refreshed Mera Chakwal App.

Easy & Secure Experience

Easy and Secure login with Phone number verification. Buyers are now also verified through either of our verification processes.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to and discover other new features. We are the same best app in Pakistan. So join us in saying the same tagline which the nation loves.